Table lamp



Oil lamps and candle holders have been made in ceramics since ancient times and were essential to light up life after dark. The most common electric lamps in traditional production only have a ceramic base, whereas the shade is made of fabric.
Gualdo Tadino is one of the towns where the traditional Umbrian decoration continues to use “lustre” colours with a metallic, mother-of-pearl shimmer. The outer mesh recalls the tradition of the street vendors, the so-called “ferra pignatte”, who protected and repaired ordinary earthenware with a protective iron-wire mesh.


Compared to the structure of the traditional maiolica lamps produced in the artisan workshops, this project wishes to create an entirely ceramic, luminous body in the iconic shape of the night lamp. The lamp is embossed with delicate touches of colour, similar to the traditional, metallic shimmer of local tradition. The lustre technique has been skilfully interpreted so that light and colour “erupt” from within. The cashmere thread covering the lamp is a reminder of the ancient custom of protecting domestic ceramics with a protective iron-wire mesh.

COMPANY - Passeri

CITY - Gualdo Tadino