Piatto nello stagno

Dish/container with handle



The ceremonial plate belongs to the amatory earthenware, in fashion particularly during the Renaissance. The decoration recalls one of the celebration plates by Angelo Micheletti of 1895, donated to the Museum of Ceramics in Deruta. The spolvero technique is used in ceramic art to make an outline by pricking holes on a thin piece of paper, which is then dusted with charcoal leaving the pattern on the piece to be painted.


The dish symbolises the intention behind the project of this collection of objects. It wishes to propose a new interpretation of Umbrian artistic maiolica in the light of an aesthetic sensitivity and contemporary purpose, in the hope that this initiative may revitalise a stagnant artistic and productive situation. Embossed, radial decorations alternate with a series of holes which recall and reinterpret the spolvero technique.

COMPANY - Vecchia Deruta

CITY - Deruta