Vasi orcio




These jars are large, unglazed, clay pots which, in the past, contained liquids, especially oil and wine. Nowadays, many of these jars are used to decorate indoor and outdoor areas of villas and homes. The decoration used recalls the diamond-shaped knot, usually reproduced on the beautiful women’s’ dresses for the ceremonial plates.
Some historic jars are kept at the Dynamic Museum of Brick and Terracotta in Marsciano (Perugia).


These pots look like large, half-buried jars rising from the earth to hold plants and to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. An elegant, intertwined embossed knot of the ancient jars recalls the patterns of the maiolica tradition. The articles are also available with a special photoluminescent enamel, which absorbs light during the day to emit it when darkness falls, giving a surprising, spectacular effect

COMPANY - Sambuco

CITY - Deruta