Lantern candle holder, in two sizes



A special kiln is required to produce the traditional lustre maiolica. The third firing in the so-called “muffle” kiln reduces the activity of the oxygen by burning sheaths of broom to release the smoke. The structure and use of this kiln are illustrated in “The Three Books on the Art of the Potter” [Li Tre Libri dell’Arte del Vasaio] edited in the 16th century by Cipriano Piccolpasso.


The illustrations of Piccolpasso showing the traditional firing in the muffle kiln to produce lustre ceramics were used to create this lantern, which reproduces the characteristic structure of the kiln with the holes to release the smoke to give the metallic effect. The internal surfaces of this object are decorated with a free, experimental interpretation of the lustre ceramics, on which the candle reflects to give the impression of the fire capable of transforming the material inside the kiln.

COMPANY - Pericoli Graziano

CITY - Gualdo Tadino