Table and hanging vases, in two sizes



The kernos is a container of ancient origin, examples of which can be found in numerous cultures, from Arab to Greek, Etruscan and Roman. This pot was used to contain liquids and other offerings during religious ceremonies: the ring form enabled it to be carried on top of the heads of believers during a procession. This object commemorates the famous Eugubian tablets of the town of Gubbio, on which the quinquennial rites of purification are written in the Umbrian language dating back to the 3rd or 2nd century B.C. or probably even earlier.


The container has reclaimed the traditional ring shape of the kernos and given it a contemporary use as a cut flower vase, which can be placed on any flat surface, and also hung on the wall or from the ceiling using soft bands.  Sensational flower arrangements can be achieved by alternating numerous vases of different sizes to decorate public and private spaces.

COMPANY - Biagioli

CITY - Gubbio