Maschio e femmina

Set of shot and finger food glasses, in two stackable shapes



The “ceri” of Gubbio are among the most famous and most well-known symbols of the region of Umbria and have become its logo. The tradition of the “ceri” has ancient origins, linked to propitiatory fertility rites, which then took on religious connotations. These wooden constructions are similar to those found in Renaissance ceramics.


The Bible says that when God created man, “he created male and female”. This set wishes to celebrate the fruitful love between man and woman, and identifies both sexes with a special shape. The two glasses can be stacked in various ways to commemorate the structure of the three “ceri” of Gubbio. It can be used at home and in public, and given as a gift to remember the traditions of our area.

COMPANY - Rampini

CITY - Gubbio