Sedute orcio

Seats with a vase, small armchair and pouffe stool



Jars are large, unglazed, clay pots which, in the past, contained liquids, especially oil and wine. Nowadays, many of these jars are used to decorate indoor and outdoor areas of villas and homes. The decoration used recalls the diamond-shaped knot usually used on the beautiful women’s’ dresses on the ceremonial plates.
Some historic jars are kept at the Dynamic Museum of Brick and Terracotta in Marsciano (Perugia).


The project interprets the traditional Umbrian jars as seats, leaving the classical opening in which to place decorative plants. These pots appear as though someone has just sat on them after they have just been modelled in soft clay. Thus, the jars become seats-sculptures which absorb the natural element to furnish both indoor and outdoor spaces.

COMPANY - Rometti

CITY - Umbertide