Giulia cornice

Photo frame



The ceremonial plate belongs to the amatory earthenware, some precious 16th century examples of which are on display in the  Ceramic Museum in Deruta. The ceremonial plate portrays landscapes or beautiful women inside a “segmented” border of geometric patterns alternated with flower patterns.  According to Giulio Busti, this is one of the distinctive works in the tradition of Umbrian maiolica. The spolvero technique is used in ceramic art to make an outline by pricking holes on a thin piece of paper, which is then dusted with charcoal leaving the pattern on the piece to be painted.


Just as the elegant, traditional plates were displayed on the walls, so this object, which recalls an upside-down plate, becomes a photo frame. Its border has the typical, embossed “segment” pattern with three different interpretations of a classic geometric design. Two series of holes reminding us of the spolvero technique along the entire border can be used to enhance the ceramic by embroidering a thread of cashmere around it.

COMPANY - Torretti

CITY - Deruta