Bowl container



The bevi-se-puoi [drink-if-you-can] is a “trick” container belonging to amatory pottery, used to entertain banqueters and to allow a newlywed couple to drink together, which was very fashionable in the Renaissance. The object consists of a bow, from which it is impossible to drink in a conventional manner due to a series of holes next to the rim. You need to discover the secret to access the liquid inside, using alternative passages. Some splendid examples of these bowls are on display at the Wine Museum in Torgiano (Perugia).


The shape of this container recalls the traditional amatory bowl “Bevi-se-puoi”, with a series of large circular holes around the outer ceramic rim covering the sides of the bowl and protruding from the upper rim. The fretwork is merely for decoration, but can also be used as a handle.

COMPANY - Sberna

CITY - Deruta